How to Create an Online Quiz that Grows Your Mailing List

If you are looking for a way to grow your mailing list, look no further than online quizzes. The beauty of putting a quiz on your interior design or home staging website is that it provides an easy and fun way for people to discover their design style, determine whether or not they should hire a stager (spoiler alert: the answer is yes!), and this online quiz makes your business look incredibly profession and forward-thinking.

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How to Write a Killer Bio for Your Interior Design Firm

The following is a guest post by Fred Berns. The opinions expressed in this article are entirely his own.

The people who need to know you…don’t know you. Your prospects don’t. Your website visitors don’t. Even your clients don’t.

That’s because, if you’re like most interior design professionals, your promotional bio is a bust. Chances are the “About Us” sections on your website and Houzz site, and your social media profiles undersell you. As a result, those you seek to influence don’t know all that you do, have done, and can do. 

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How to Craft an Interior Design Social Media Strategy that Works

Having 100 fans who interact with your company on social is far more valuable than having 1,000 fans who barely make a peep. The number of fans you have on social is just a vanity metric. It won’t make your business more or less successful. It will just puff up your pride and make you feel darn good whenever you look at your profile, which—let’s be honest adults here—does NOTHING for your bottom line.

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