Why Interior Designers & Remodelers NEED to be on Pinterest

As a home professional, your business needs to be on Pinterest. If you are the face of your business--if you are THE brand--this is going to be super easy and probably a lot of fun. View Pinterest as Houzz's cute and subtly sexy sidekick.

Since I've re-branded, I've made Pinterest my top priority. Here's why:

  • My clientele on Pinterest appreciate creative and beautiful ideas, but they don't want the burden of making it a reality by themselves. As an interior designer or general contractor, you recognize these characteristics. They describe your clients too!
  • Pinterest users are avid dreamers and loyal followers. If you "pin" content that is useful to them and organize your pins across very specific boards, you'll have brand advocates--and yes, likely paying customers--within months.

And yes, I said months. Building your social media following is not a get-popular-fast scheme, but many home pros don't realize this and give up way too soon. (Their "quitter" mentality simply means that you'll have that much less competition in the social realm. It also indicates a lack of dedication in other areas of their business. Nice...)

  • Pinterest is a visual media. If your business relies heavily on before/after photos (and I know it does, so don't try to hide), your business should be using Pinterest as a live portfolio.
  • Pinterest is multi-faceted. As a home professional, it could be tricky or flat-out impossible for you to work with a Pinterest customer in, say, London. That's no excuse. Pinterest has mapping functions that allow you to tell Pinterest where you are located and attracted customers in that area.

You don't have to be a professional marketer to make this happen. You'll just need some designated time each week and a little bit of elbow grease.

Hold on--I need to stop here and brag about something that I had absolutely nothing to do with: One of my clients "accidentally" garnered 15,000+ followers on Pinterest. 

Want proof? Click here. (Hi, Andrea!) 

Again, she didn't have my help. She simply started organizing and pinning items that she knew would be useful to her target clientele. I'm incredibly proud of her tenacity. The next step? Converting those 15K followers into paying customers.

What would you do with several thousand more leads? Or, more realistically, what would you do with a mere 200 more? It could easily change your entire business.

Think about it.