How to Create a Brand Video with Facebook (and no skill)

I was so excited when I found out about this new Facebook feature that allows anyone to create a slideshow with three to seven images--and in just a few minutes!

As an interior designer or remodeler, your business can't escape the importance of visual marketing. If people can't see your work, you won't get more work. While there might be many facets of visual marketing that you'll have to hand off to a designer, this is one that you can do yourself. It's easy, and the final product looks amazingly professional. 

No more excuses. Let's do this. You will need...

  1. A brand mindset. This slideshow is about presenting who you are and who your work represents (typically, your clients). 
  2. Three to seven high resolution photos (of your work or CC licensed stock photography or a combination of the two).
  3. A sentence or phrase for each image.

These words will overlay the images, providing your Facebook fans with a visual experience.

Upload your images to Canva and do the text overlay. It will only take a few minutes. (Not sure how to use Canva or do a text overlay? Check out this post.)

A few design tips to keep in mind...

Use only one or two fonts and make sure they are aligned with your brand. (If you are luxurious or serious, don't use a font that looks like a crayon.  You know what I mean.)

Darken your images or change the color of your font to make everything readable without distorting anything.

Keep the text in the same position on each photo. Don't center it on one photo, then sliiide it to the left with the next. This isn't the Cupid Shuffle, yo.

Need a visual? I've got you covered.

Now, hop over to Facebook and login. Go to your business page and click on the "Status" section. From there, select "Photo / Video" and click on the last option, "Create Slideshow." 

You will be prompted to upload the photos of your choosing. Upload them in the order you want them to appear, then click "Post" or schedule for a later time. Either way, Facebook will need a few minutes to process your slideshow.

Once it's ready, you'll get a notification. Click that notification or go to the "Videos" section of your page. Select that slideshow as the "Featured Video" of your page and...ta da! You now have a professional video sitting in the left column of your page AND brightening your timeline. Your fans will love the creativity, and you'll feel pretty darn good about your accomplishment.

See a Facebook slideshow in action. Click play!


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