The One Crazy Reason Your Business Needs Google+

I get it. Google+ looks borrrring. With low interaction rates (not a lot of followers or comments), it's easy to ignore Google+ entirely.

But you shouldn't.

While G+ isn't useful for gaining a social media following, it does have one superpower that you can't afford to ignore: 

SEO, baby! (Search engine optimization: Making it uber-easy for Google to find you, love you, and show your stuff to people who will hire you.)

G+ is the favored child of Google, and Google is the giant Papa Bear of the internet (R.I.P Yahoo, and go away, Internet Explorer!). Anything that you post on Google+ gets sent directly to Google, making your name, brand, industry, and services appear in higher in search results.

Google+ boosts your SEO, for free.

If you've ever tried to run a digital ad campaign, you know how important (and expensive) SEO can be. Random companies from India have probably called or spammed you promising to boost your SEO. (I once had the pleasure of telling one such telemarketer that I had boosted my SEO organically via my G+ account. He was speechless and hung up. Sorry-not-sorry!)

As an interior designer or remodeling company, you are likely restricted by location. Perfect! Add your address to your business Google+ account. When someone searches for "interior designers in Your City, USA," your business will likely appear. You will also be less likely to receive "false leads," from people too far away for you to help.

Why? Because Google+ knows who you are, what you do, and where you are. And if you are posting a few times per week on your Google+ page, Google will give you props for being current and available.

Wait, I have to post stuff?

Um, yes. That's sort of the point.  I recommend posting 3 times per week in the early to mid-morning hours. (Personally, I post Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between 7 AM and 11 AM.) Use a scheduling tool like Hootsuite to make your life easier and don't forget to add a catchy headline and hashtags to each post (think Twitter and Instagram).

Running a Google+ campaign doesn't have to be complicated or frustrating. The wonderful world of internet tools will delight you with how EASY your social media marketing can be.

However, these easy-breezy (and often, free) tools can be hard to find. No worries, though. I made a pretty little list of marketing and business tools for you. Drop your email below to get my list and kiss your frustrations goodbye.


Kate Greunke is the brain-power of Socialite LLC, a marketing boutique for interior designers and remodeling companies. She's a published fiction author and is not afraid of getting old (she's almost 25... ;)


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