5+ Ways to Easily Reuse a Blog Post for Quick Marketing

5+ Ways to Easily Reuse a Blog Post for Quick Marketing

Between managing a plethora of social media accounts for my clients, plus 5 of my own…and running multiple blogs…plus my own…I don’t have a lot of time or energy to spend on my marketing.

I bet you can relate. You home pros are so gosh darn busy. Many of you have active families, employees or subs to manage, and a demanding client list. 

I get it, and I’m here to help. No, you don’t have to hire me to make marketing your business easier (although, my clients say that DOES help ;) Instead, just keep reading.


Yes, I run 100% of my marketing off ONE blog post, and you can too. Here’s how I do it.

  • I write one blog post. It’s roughly 500 words and include some great images.
  • I publish that post on my website (yep, right here!) and share it via URL to Facebook and Twitter. Because my blog is registered with Bloglovin’, my followers on that platform, plus my RSS subscribers (hey, guys!) get updated right away.
  • I grab snippets from my blog post and head to Canva. 

There, I overlay them on a solid or photographic background, and post these quotes to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+.


“Wait, didn’t you already post this blog to Facebook and Twitter?”

Right you are! However, that post gets buried quickly. Posting a great image with a link to the blog is perfectly acceptable and often gets more interaction than simply copying and pasting the link.

  • I create one image and use it across Instagram, Facebook, and Google+. 
  • I create an elongated, rectangular version for Pinterest. (This isn’t mandatory, but recommended. Elongated pins get more attention than short, square ones.) 
  • I create my blog title image on Canva. Because I upgraded to Canva for Work, I can resize that image for all of my social media snippets or images, minus LinkedIn, in just a few clicks.

As for LinkedIn, I post less often. Once or twice per week is plenty. A URL to the post is fine, and I also create a new Linked “Post” and basically copy/paste everything into it. I add the images, my short bio, 3 category tags, and hit PUBLISH.

  • I copy/paste that post into my premade MailChimp template and hit SEND for all of my mailing lists. Yeah, it’s that easy. 
  • I reformat it as needed and often include only 1/3 to ½ of the post with a hyperlink to “Read More.”
  • I also add a catchy, flat-out weird but somehow relevant subject line like, “Would you party naked?” What can I say? My emails get opened and clicked-thru.


  • I schedule all of my social media, minus Pinterest, with Hootsuite. (Free)
  • I schedule my pins on Pinterest with BoardBooster. (Basically free)
  • I send my emails with MailChimp. (Free for up to 2K subscribers)
  • I design my blog title images and social media images with Canva. (Free unless you upgrade to Canva for Work—which you should do.)
  • I get 100% of my marketing done by repurposing one blog post.

You’re welcome. ;)


Kate Greunke is the founder Socialite, a marketing boutique for interior designers, remodelers, and window coverings specialists.


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