Why Being Popular on Social Media Might not Grow Your Business

Why Being Popular on Social Media Might not Grow Your Business

The number of followers on your Facebook page, Twitter profile, or Instagram account don’t matter. Bigger numbers look good, but looking good is ALL they’re good at. 

In the marketing industry, we call the # of fans a “vanity metric.” The size of your following has nothing to do with the success of your business. In fact, some of my Insta-celeb friends have a hard time making money, despite having thousands upon thousands of followers.

Instead of caring about the size of your following, keep an eye on these anti-vanity metrics:

  • How many likes do you average per post?
  • How many comments do you average per post?
  • What types of posts get more attention? Think subject matter, description, hashtags, and text overlay vs. no text overlay.

Track these metrics over time to determine whether you need to change what you are posting. Ignore your follower count. If your “official” fans aren’t interacting with your posts, they are superficial. Don’t expect them to (ever!) leap down your sales funnel.

Be the Boss of Your Social Media


Set the rules for your social media presence. If you want others to interact with your posts, interact with theirs. Leave genuine comments, not a series of emoticons. 
Respond to every comment on each social media profile you own. Yes, this requires effort. If you aren’t willing to work for it, you don’t deserve to be popular on social media (harsh but true).

Only follow users that you intend to learn from or interact with. Ignore users who use the #followforfollow strategy (following people for the sake of being followed in return). They are clearly focused on vanity metrics, not on growing and marketing a business.


Ignore social media companies who promise to “grow your social presence.” You don’t want to reach the masses. The masses don’t care! Instead, you want to reach a target group of people who DO care because they know YOU care and that your brand is the answer to their problems.

Be comfortable and true to your brand-self. The more transparent you are online, the more people will want to interact with you. There’s no such thing as B2B or B2C. We all are P2P (person to person). Run your social media that way, and you will develop a tight and right following.


Kate Greunke is the found of Socialite LLC and Socialite | Subscribe, a newsletter and social media post template service for home pros.


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