3 Lucrative Reasons You Should be Active on LinkedIn

3 Lucrative Reasons You Should be Active on LinkedIn

If you are an interior designer, remodeler, or window covering specialist, you need LinkedIn. BUT, if you treat it as an online resume holder, you may want to reconsider your strategy. 

First, why should you be on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a completely unique social media full of (generally) more serious and professional users. This is where you’ll find higher-end clients and people who are motivated to work with you. If you need some social cred, you need a LinkedIn profile.

Second, why should you be active on LinkedIn?

“Active” means posting something at least every two to four weeks. That isn’t too much to ask. Being active on LinkedIn shows that you are online savvy (even if you aren’t), that you are a leader in your social realm, and that you are an expert in your industry.

Plus, LinkedIn is a great place to find your next amazing employee, a new subcontractor, or simply a referral to someone you need to work with.

Third, what should you post?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Copy/paste the URL to a recent blog post from you or your company.

  • Copy/paste the text and images of that blog into an official LinkedIn “Post” and publish it.
  • Work or business-related questions. LinkedIn users LOVE to give free advice.
  • Work or business-related humor. Keep it clean and profesh. It’s okay to be funny.
  • Special announcements—but don’t be salesy. As with all social media, LinkedIn is NOT a place to direct-sell. Ever.

Should I have personal profile or a business page? Do I need both?
This completely depends on your company. If you have three or fewer team members, you’ll be more successful on LinkedIn as individuals. Don’t bother creating or managing a company “brand” page. You guys ARE the brand.


If you’re company is a little bigger and you have someone dedicated to managing your company’s LinkedIn page, go for it. While LinkedIn pages grow very, VERY slowly on their own, they are great at being the Mothership of your brand.

What do I mean by that? Well, instead of your team members dreaming up their own posts all the time, they can simple share what has already been posted on the company page and add their own comments.

Doing this is a win-win for several reasons.

  1. Your employees will help create your company culture and build their own social cred.
  2. Your brand gets exposed to those who follow the company page AND to the users who are connected to each of your employees—bringing your company to hundreds or thousands of users—without paying a dime in LinkedIn Ads.
  3. Your other social media channels can grow as LinkedIn cross-pollinates with them.

How often should I post on LinkedIn?

This depends on the size of your audience and your content. Try posting once per week and gauge the response. If your connections seem annoyed or you have difficulty finding something valuable and relevant to post, don’t post as often. 

I don’t know how many times I’ve “disconnected” a connection or hidden their posts from my feed simply because they were posting ALL THE TIME. Some of them were fellow marketers (hehe, we’re just that zealous) and others were…trying to be.

Don’t try, because the try-hards are always obvious. You still need to be you. Don’t post content for shock value or for likes or for comments. Post for value and relevancy alone.

Motivated to join LinkedIn or up your presence? 

Kate Greunke is a marketer for home industry professionals. She lives in yoga pants.