3 Reasons Why My Template Newsletters Have High Open Rates

3 Reasons Why My Template Newsletters Have High Open Rates

As the founder of a newsletter subscription service for home professionals, you'd think I'd know a thing or two about writing a crazy good newsletter. You'd be right.

Members of Socialite | Subscribe often have open rates 18% higher than average for their industry. While I can't guarantee that level of success for all of my members, I can certainly set them up for it.

You see, high open rates are not accidents. There's a reason why my members' mailing lists will open my template emails month after month.

Why do my MailChimp email templates for Socialite | Subscribe have such high open rates?

1) I write a darn good headline--and you can too.

The headline, or email subject line, needs to be personal and non-salesy. Some of my best open rates have come from using headlines like these:

"Hey, can we talk?"

"Per tomorrow's meeting"

"You wouldn't party naked, would you?" (I'll explain this one later.)

Don't mention a product or service in your headline unless you are offering it for FREE. And if you're offering it for free, you'd better say so quickly. For example, the email newsletter I'm sending to my list tomorrow reads, "100+ Free Stock Photos for Home Pros."

Sweet! I know this headline will work because my clients have been begging for it. And...it's free. 

Okay, you might be wondering about that last headline, "You wouldn't party naked would you?" You'd think my client was selling something other than drapery until you read the sub-headline (after you open the email), "Well, neither would your windows."

Which leads to my 2nd reason:

2) My template emails look like mini magazines. 

Think of Glamour or Elle Decor. They both have a certain level of shock value or eye-catching content on the cover. The email introduction  is the cover of your mini magazine. It's small but mighty.

Example email template, 1 of 8 | Images via Design-Seeds.com.

Example email template, 1 of 8 | Images via Design-Seeds.com.

When I designed the intro to this template (above), I focused on a single column layout, plenty of white space, and I carefully chose which sentences to put in bold, just like a magazine editor would.

I also wrote text that conveyed a sense of friendly urgency while telling a story (those poor, poor windows!). It's entertaining and effective. My client got two substantial jobs immediately after sending this email.

I followed the introduction with inspiring moodboards. The theme varies with subject matter and the time of year, but all moodboards tend to have the same affect: Readers love them! They are inspiring. They make my client look uber-creative (which they are) and tech-savvy (which they don't tend to be). 

I really can't stress enough the importance of entertainment and beauty in your email newsletters. The "newsletter" gets a bad rap for being ugly and boring, which is why I can confidently tell you that Socialite | Subscribe is reinventing the email newsletter.

I ended the text portion of this email newsletter template with more urgency--and yes--more pretty photos that represented my client's services. Notice that none of my text is salesy or pushy. EVER.

3) I Save the Most Important Info for Last

I added a photo and biography section and a call-to-action button at the end of this email template. Why? Because the two most important takeaways from this email are the sender and the call-to-action. In order for my client to make a profit on this newsletter (and she did!), I had to tell her readers two things: Who she was and what they should do next (email her).

**Disclaimer: I can't promise that you will make a profit on every or any email newsletter you send, whether you use my templates or your own. However, I CAN promise you that consistent, content-rich interaction with your mailing list will set your business up for long-term growth.

BONUS | My Step-by-Step Process for Creating this Email Newsletter in MailChimp

1) Choose a topic

2) Design a layout and color scheme for the text, photos, and social links

3) Create an outline of three to four ideas

4) Curate or create one to two images for each idea

5) Hyperlink photos to their original sources, as needed, per copyright laws (or use CC stock photos)

6) Write an introduction

7) Write the body

8) Gather social links (so readers can access the sender's social media accounts and website)

9) Write a catchy subject line

10) Proofread, schedule, and send

Sounds like a lot of work, huh?

That's why I created Socialite | Subscribe. As a member, you get the final results (a polished and chic newsletter) without having to do the work.

As a member of Socialite, you get 2-3 premade email newsletters each month and 36 complementary social media posts. Go here to learn more.

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