3 Things About You that Hurt Your Interior Design Firm

Last week you read part one of this story that briefly detailed the not-so-rosy picture of my life experience, and I got many wonderful, heartfelt emails from some of you. Just as I expected, I wasn't the only one feeling a little lost, a little ambushed by life. Your words of encouragement made this Christmas season extra happy for me, so thank you!

Isn't it good to know you aren't alone?

Just as I'm glad to have my stalwart husband by my side through these tumultuous times (aka, LIFE), I'm thankful to have all of you, a gathering of business owners who remind me daily that I'm not in business alone.

Because let's be honest, owning a business is equally satisfying AND scary. 

It's certainly not for everyone. The first time I had to write a check to the IRS, I wanted to quit.

But that's the weird trait that binds us together: we don't quit, even when we should. We have a knack for ignoring the naysayers and eventually realize they are just jealous, angry, or harboring their own hurts.

My 3rd business anniversary is coming up in February (congratulations in the form of chocolates are accepted) and I've learned a lot, but there's one lesson I didn't expect to learn:

What goes on in your head is what goes on in your business.

Here are 3 things about you that are hurting your interior design firm:

  • If you're a person who tries too hard, you'll work too many hours on the regular and hate yourself for it. Your relationships will suffer and you'll lose yourself in the process. (Trust me, I learned this one the hard way.)
  • If you're a person who wants to be everything to everyone, you'll refuse to let your business specialize in any one thing, for the silly fear of failing. This mindset drains your personal life of true joy and robs your business of exponential growth.
  • If you have commitment issues, you'll hop from one business to the next, never satisfied and rarely successful (but never slowing down enough to realize it, of course.)
  • If you think you don't deserve good things, you'll never get them. And you'll never invest in them for your business. (A better website, a monthly newsletter. You name it.) Good things bring more good things. Remember that.

Look at your business for 2017. Are you depriving it--and yourself--of what you both need the most?

Here's what I did wrong in 2016:

I thought, "I can't afford that," so I delayed buying it (the training course, the WCAA membership, the whatever).

And you know what? Nothing happened. I wasn't less successful, but I wasn't more successful either.

Then I decided to stop being a ninny and just do it.

I suddenly realized, "Oh, I CAN afford that--and then some!" It was literally just my mindset holding me back.

When I started investing in my business, my business started investing in me. Now, I have a roster full of clients from the WCAA (hey, ladies!), and I took that online course I'd been dreaming about. My mailing list grew, and I'm charging into 2017 with a momentum I've never had before.

How do you need to invest in your business this year?

  • Is your website embarrassing?
  • Do you even have a website?
  • Are you connecting with your mailing list on a monthly basis to keep new leads coming in?

You aren't in business alone. If investing in your business scares you, don't let it paralyze you. Turn that fear into action. You might consider yourself successful now, but why would you say no to more success?

Let me know how I can help make 2017 a liberating year for your business.

Now booking website design projects. 


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