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How to Create an Online Quiz that Grows Your Mailing List

If you are looking for a way to grow your mailing list, look no further than online quizzes. The beauty of putting a quiz on your interior design or home staging website is that it provides an easy and fun way for people to discover their design style, determine whether or not they should hire a stager (spoiler alert: the answer is yes!), and this online quiz makes your business look incredibly profession and forward-thinking.

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3 Reasons Why My Template Newsletters Have High Open Rates

As the founder of a newsletter subscription service for home professionals, you'd think I'd know a thing or two about writing a crazy good newsletter. You'd be right.

Members of Socialite | Subscribe often have open rates 18% higher than average for their industry. While I can't guarantee that level of success for all of my members, I can certainly set them up for it.

You see, high open rates are not accidents. There's a reason why my members' mailing lists will open my template emails month after month.

Why do my template emails for Socialite | Subscribe have such high open rates?

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