How to Craft an Interior Design Social Media Strategy that Works


Ready to learn how to how to craft an interior design social Media strategy that works? Let's start with a common scenario:  

Client emails me in a state of panic:

My social media strategy isn’t working. I’m not getting likes or comments, and I don’t get very many new followers. It seems like the only way to grow on social media is to run paid ads. I think I’m going to quit.

I sigh and grimace, taking a sip of my now-cold chamomile tea. I feel their pain, but I also see that they still don’t understand the purpose of social media, so I craft my reply: 

Dear Client,

Your reaction is normal. You want 6-12 months’ worth of results in only a few months’ time. Social media is a "slow burn," not a quick fix and will certainly not lead to a fast sale, even if you run paid ads. I tell you this because, whether you work with a marketer or do your social media in-house, your expectations need to be realistic. 

Your business has to earn the right to interrupt someone's newsfeed on social media. Currently, Facebook and Instagram have not seen you earn that right, because your business has been active on social for a very SHORT time (anything less than 12 months is short). Sure, paid ads can speed up that process, but even ads aren't a guarantee. Earning this right takes time, and believe me, not even I like to hear that, but it's true.

Social media is for socializing, hence its name. If you continue to expect social media to be a direct source of sales or leads, you will continue to be disappointed. Social media is for building customer relationships and trust. We are still in the "building trust and getting exposure" phase. 

Still feeling skeptical? This article by describes your situation perfectly.



“But what about getting more fans?” they ask later.

I again remind them, “Having 100 fans who interact with your company on social is far more valuable than having 1,000 fans who barely make a peep. The number of fans you have on social is just a vanity metric. It won’t make your business more or less successful. It will just puff up your pride and make you feel darn good whenever you look at your profile, which—let’s be honest adults here—does NOTHING for your bottom line.”

3 Reasons Why Social Media Won’t Directly Bring You More Business:


1 | Social media is for socializing. No ifs, ands, or buts. Sure, you can try to sell on social, but you’ll be penalized by algorithm and very few people will see your posts—and those that do see your posts won’t like them. Nobody likes a salesperson who doesn’t know when to stop.

2 | Consider the venue. Facebook and Instagram are not shopping centers. When people use those platforms, they are not browsing it with a shopping list in hand. Instead, they’re looking at pictures of their friends and family. They login to celebrate people and relationships. If your business offers neither of these, you are handicapping your success on social.

3 | Facebook and Instagram’s algorithms don’t like your business. Why? Because businesses tend to post irregularly—and when they do post something, it’s usually pretty boring. (Hey, just saying it like it is.) Because social media is FLOODED with people and content, it’s no wonder that businesses have to fight (or as I like to call it, strategize) to be seen.

5 Reasons Your Business Should Stick with Social Media 


1 | You get an inside look at what your fans are liking and following. Your Insights & Analytics on Facebook / Instagram will tell you what they are seeing and how they are reacting to it. Social media gives your business the ability to legally stalk the heck out of your tribe.

2 | You allow your audience a full frontal view of your company’s beliefs. You take the masks off and reveal your team as people, not as robotic or corporate professionals.

3 | You build trust by making your business familiar and friendly, helpful and relevant. No billboard, newspaper ad, or TV spot will ever be able to do that like social media can.

4 | You interact with real people who may or may not want your services / products and are able to get raw, politically incorrect feedback. (No filters, no additives, straight from the horse’s mouth as we Wisconsinites would say.)

5 | You boost your SEO organically by being consistently active on social media, especially on Google+.

Did you notice the trend in that list? You, you, YOU! Social media won’t work unless you do. Success on social media is not automatic, instant, easy, or random. 

Wondering how you can develop a realistic social media strategy?


1 | Decide what your goal is for Facebook. Is it brand awareness, customer service, or something else? (If you say “sales” or “leads,” I’ll jump through this screen and smack you.)

2 | Pin down exactly who your target customer is. I often do this for my clients by creating a resume for their ideal client, and I even include a headshot from stock photo sites like Unsplash or Pexels.

In that resume, I list their level of education, their occupation, their family life, housing situation, and financial matters. I narrow down their worries and concerns, then I align them with the solutions that my client can provide.

3 | Over on social, speak primarily to this target client. Use verbiage and phrases that they would use and reference topics that resonate with them. As the right people will start to engage, make sure you are being responsive to their comments and questions. Building the “know, like, and trust” factor is the whole point of social media.

That being said, managing social media can be a chore. If you're ready for professional social media management that focuses specifically on interior design and window coverings, go to my Services page here to select your social media management package, then send me an email.

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