How to Create an Online Quiz that Grows Your Mailing List

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Ready to grow your interior design or home staging mailing list?

If you are looking for a way to grow your mailing list, look no further than online quizzes. The beauty of putting a quiz on your interior design or home staging website is that it provides an easy and fun way for people to discover their design style, determine whether or not they should hire a stager (spoiler alert: the answer is yes!), and this online quiz makes your business look incredibly profession and forward-thinking.

I recently started using Interact for my online quiz creation. (Look at the header of my site to see a quiz I made with them.) That quiz started growing my mailing list in less than 24 hours! I was amazed by its effectiveness, and even more amazed by how easy it was to build. 

Learn How to Create An Online Quiz in 20 Minutes or Less

The two videos below show, in detail, how to create an online quiz using Interact's stress-free platform. I include instructions on how to integrate your quiz with Mailchimp, and I explain the other cool features that Interact has to offer, such as sharing your quiz on social media or turning it into a high-converting ad. (Yep, it's genius!)

Choose & Customize Your Quiz Template

Integrate Your Mail Provider & Share on Social Media

Ready to Create Your Own Online Quiz with Interact?

As you've just seen, creating quizzes with Interact is fun and easy. To sign up, click here. I suggest signing up for their Lite package. It allows for integration with Mailchimp and similar services, which is the only way contact information from your quiz-takers can be saved.

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