How to Set Up Mailchimp for Your Window Treatment Business [Video]

MailChimp is the best mass email tool for interior designers and window treatment pros because it's easy to use and free (for up to 2K subscribers). I put all my clients on MailChimp and used it personally for the first two years of my business. (I now use ConvertKit, due to the more complicated email sequences that I'm running.)

Setting up MailChimp is a simple process. Once you start using the platform, you'll never want to return to ConstantContact. Your emails will be prettier, your readers will be happier, and you'll be pretty much care-free with your email marketing.

Watch how I set up a brand new MailChimp account from start to finish:

Go to MailChimp to set up your own free account. Once you're set up, do you know what to say in your first email? Delight your mailing list--and your bank account--with a pre-made and completely customizable email newsletter from Socialite | Subscribe. 

Setting up your MailChimp account is the easy part, but being regular and top-notch with your email newsletter is a bit more difficult (unless you're a member of Socialite).

Pre-made newsletters from Socialite are not templates. Instead, they are mini articles centered around your services and how they related to your target audience. Simply add your own intro, copy/paste your social links, and hit send.


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