How to Use BoardBooster to Schedule Your Pinterest Pins [Video]

Hello my interior designers and window treatment pros,

Can you relate with this struggle?

I used to feel overwhelmed by Pinterest. I didn't have time to be pinning things every day--or even every week--and I bet you don't have that kind of time just lying around either. With BoardBooster, you can sit down for an hour or less and automate your pins for the entire month (or more, if you're feeling industrious). 

My video tutorial below breaks down exactly how to do it. The beauty of this system is that you only need to set it up ONCE, and it's good to go forever. 

Since the interior design and window treatment industries are completely visual, it's important that you get as much of your work / blog posts / images that link to your website on Pinterest as possible.

Watch as I explain how to setup and use BoardBooster:

Go to and setup your free account to get started.

This video is an excerpt from my free online mini course for home professionals, 7 Days to Email + Social Savvy.


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