I hope You Don't Think I'm a Snob...

Hi Everyone,

It's official...my services are now almost exclusively reserved for professionals in the home industry (contractors, interior designers, landscapers, and similar professions). Because of my involvement with NARI of Madison, I've gotten quite a few AMAZING clients in the home industry and have found that I can serve them better if I cut out the noise of other industries.

That being said, if you aren't in the home industry but have recently booked an appointment or requested a quote, never fear! I would still love to work with you. I'm getting rather selective with my clientele these days, so rest assured that our relationship will be of higher quality.

Choosing to work with fewer and more prestigious clients--a dozen or less per year--is a crucial move that has already scaled up the quality of my services. I'm a one-woman show and darn proud of it. When you work with me, you get my undivided attention and my entire skill set.

As it should be.

Thanks for reading!

With lots of marketing love,