[Trending] Remodeler gets shamed on social media

Hello my friends. (I feel like we're friends now...I really do. :)

Today I'm sharing with you my third story, my final reason for creating Socialite | Subscribe:

A remodeler--whom I won't name--was shamed by a competitor on social media for not posting regularly. 

In fact, he barely posted something even once a month. He was simply too busy working to sit down and ponder what to post.

While this remodeler was able to laugh off his competitor's rude comment at first, a few of his fans started commenting in agreement.


On the bright side, it meant his fans really wanted to socialize with him online. But on the flipside, this contractor was too busy to brainstorm content.

...until he started using Socialite | Subscribe, the online library that delivers social media content perfect for his fans--and even gives him a premade newsletter to boot.

(That rude competitor of his is still wondering how he suddenly became so marketing savvy. Shhh! Don't tell.)

Socialite | Subscribe can help your business in 3 ways:

1) It takes the power of marketing away from marketing companies and put it back in the hands of business owners.

2) It helps home pros feel confident about their social and email marketing--and to never need a marketing company again.

3) It assists home pros with being consistent with their social and email marketing, so that they can grown a fan base, and ultimately, get more referrals.


Get rid of your social media shame

and silence the haters

Claim your membership in Socialite | Subscribe today!


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