Simple Facebook Tips for Interior Designers & Home Stagers


The main purpose of your business Facebook page is to send traffic to your website; it's secondary purpose is to build brand awareness.

Common Mistakes Designers & Home Stagers Make on Facebook

We need to make sure each post is being chosen for the right reasons. If the posts align with with what an interior designer would want to see, we need to re-align them with what the potential client of an interior designer would like to see, since your design firm is not serving other designers.

Avoid Posting These Things:

Avoid posting articles about design theory, images of fabric or other design elements (unless they are staged as a flatlay). 

Also avoid close-up images of art, as these and the above-mentioned images rarely receive attention.

Remember that not every post needs to be about interior design. You should know  enough about your ideal customer to know what he/she is interested in (beyond interior design). It's important to treat your fans like the well-rounded people that they are.

Post More of These Things:

Post more images of your work. If you have professionally photographed projects, sharing one or two images at a time will allow your fans to really absorb it.

Perhaps your fans love wine, gourmet cooking, DIY, or travel. Discover what they like and post more of it. Just because your firm likes something doesn't mean that it's a good post for Facebook.

Facebook Strategy for Home Professionals

  • Post 3-5 times per week, focusing on your portfolio and your target clients' interests. 
  • Add 2-3 hashtags to each post, pinpointing your services and areas of service (e.g. #interiordesign #TemeculaCalifornia) and a link to your website.
  • Check your Facebook Insights panel weekly to determine what time is best to post.
  • Disconnect Facebook from Instagram. They are very different platforms and can't successfully use the same content.
  • Do a Facebook Live video weekly on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.