Simple Instagram Tips for Interior Designers & Home Stagers


The primary purpose of your business Instagram profile is to showcase your work and attract leads to your opt-in offer via a shortened link in your bio.

Instagram is your core social media platform as an interior designer or home stager, and you should be using 25-30 hashtags on each photo that you post.

Avoid posting these things:

Avoid posting photos that aren't aesthetically pleasing, grainy, blurry, or poorly lit. Your Instagram profile should be cohesive and have the same "flow" as that of a well-designed room. 

The color schemes  can be different, but there should be an underlying theme, vibe, or emotion that connects the photos to each other and to your brand, even if you are re-posting a photo from someone else.

As with Facebook, remember than not everything you post should be about interior design. Post subjects relating to your ideal clients' other interests as well.

Post more of these things:

Post more photos of your work. It's completely acceptable to re-post photos from other users, but be sure to highlight your own work and to write a caption of at least three sentences for each one. The caption is what will engage your followers. The photo merely grabs their attention momentarily.

Instagram Strategy for Home Professionals

  • Post 5-7 times per week, focusing on your portfolio and your ideal clients' interests. 
  • Add your logo to all portfolio photos that you post; this builds brand familiarity and also protects your work (use for this).
  • Add your location to each photo where indicated.
  • Switch to a business profile and set up the contact buttons.
  • Do a weekly Insta-Story or Live video while onsite with a project or client (OPTIONAL).
  • Change your username to include "interior design."
  • Rewrite your About section to say exactly who you serve and offer a free gift with a link directly to your mailing list opt-in on your website.