Top 30 Instagram Hashtags for Home Pros

Much like my Pinterest strategy, I am starting fresh with a new Instagram account. Since I haven't run any ads yet, my following is growing at a normal and steady pace. 

And here's the cool part: Nearly all of my current followers are interior designers, remodelers, and their suppliers. Bingo!

Now, how am I building such a niche audience on Instagram? Here's my step-by-step process:

I understand the marketing frustrations of interior designers and remodeling companies.

Marketing is a fast-moving industry, which makes the idea of running a consistent social media campaign completely overwhelming. And running multiple social media simultaneously? Forget it. Many interior designers and remodelers don't know what to post on social media, how often to post, when to post, or if they are just wasting precious time trying...

...not to mention those monthly e-newsletters that never leave their MailChimp accounts. (More on that in another post.)

I ignore everyone who isn't a designer or remodeler.

Maybe I'm a snob, but I don't care what any other industry needs. I just don't. Every post I create, every word I put on social media, every image is hyper-focused on the needs and desires of my niche. Now that I've zoomed in on my ideal peeps, knowing what to post--and what to avoid--comes much more easily. (I'm not saying it's easy by any means, but easier than it was before I rebranded and refocused.)

I consistently use relevant hashtags, at least 25 of them.

I use tags that will help my niche find me. I don't use wild, crazy or uber-creative tags. I use #interiordesign vs. #interiordesigners if the former is a more widely used tag that day than the latter. I've tested using less popular tags, wondering if that would make me stand out, but it was actually harder for my niche to find me. 

Want to know the top 30 hashtags you should be using for your interior design, remodeling, or window treatments business? Skip to the end of this post!

This reinforces my belief: Simple marketing is the most effective.

I craft my posts with psychological triggers.

I don't stray from my brand aesthetics (white, rose pink, with hints of other pastels or earth tones). This visual consistency helps my niche recognize my posts and also builds trust. 

Similarly, my language is direct and positive, but I'm not afraid to say it like it is. This consistency and clarity are pillars of my brand. Mystique is cool in the bedroom, but not in marketing.

I present one idea, topic, or thought per post, and I use a minimal image that supports my idea.

I respond to all comments, even if they are just emoticons.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, so if someone took the effort to click, click, click and leave me a cute little smiley face, I'm honored! I respond as soon as I can, often with an emoticon of my own. (My fave is the upside down smiley face--mainly because it confuses my friends and looks adorable.)

I leave comments on other people's photos.

I compliment them if I absolutely love their work, because hey, they worked really hard on that!

I post once per day, consistently. 

The best times to post on Instagram, according to my testing and research, are early mornings on weekdays (especially Mondays). I've also found Saturday mornings to be a great time to stack up the "likes."

Where do I get my Instagram photos? Lemme be crystal clear: I don't take all of them myself. Most are CC Licensed images that I've curated. If it's CC and fits my brand, it will likely end up on my Instagram account. 


Top 30 Instagram Hashtags for Home Pros


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Kate Greunke is the voice of Socialite LLC, a marketing boutique based near Madison, WI, exclusively for interior designers and remodeling companies. She's married to a tall German guy (who is SUPER cute), and she's mama to a big German Shepherd who thinks he's a lapdog.


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