[Trending] Interior designer gets bullied by social media manager

Last year, I found myself in an awkward place. From afar, I watched an interior designer get completely derailed by her social media manager (SMM). Her SMM charged ludicrous amounts of money per month for very low-quality social posts and told my interior design friend...

"You can't manage your own social media. You don't know what you're doing. You need me."

Wrong, wrong, and wrong! Sadly, this interior designer believed this and spent even more money on Facebook ads in attempt to somehow regain the social following that her SMM had squandered. She later fired that SMM and started managing her own social media.

And you know what? She ROCKED at it. Her fans could tell that she was the voice behind each post, and they adored her. During this time, she saw a rise in the number of word-of-mouth referrals she received. Interesting, isn't it?

Bottom line: No one can manage your social media the way you can.

This designer, like you, is fully capable of managing her own social media. She may just need some ammo thrown her way so that she doesn't wonder..

"Hmm, what should I post on my social media today?"

That's where Socialite | Subscribe steps in, providing the necessary tools and premade marketing content that will allow this interior designer to market her design firm confidently.

Take that, marketing companies. ;)


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