[Trending] Window coverings pro gets blindsided by email marketer

As I mentioned in another post, I have very specific reasons for creating Socialite | Subscribe. It's more than just a library of marketing content. It's a heart project.

Shortly after I watched my interior design friend be bullied by her social media manager, one of my neighbors was in the middle of an ugly fight with her marketer.

This neighbor, a window treatment specialist, needed a new and pretty newsletter for her retail window coverings business.

With clearly no knowledge of the window treatment industry, her marketer created a text-only email newsletter for her.

That's right. NO photos. 

He created the outline and told her that she was responsible for writing it.


She was furious, having already spent over three hundred dollars with this marketer. When she confronted him, she realized that he had no interest in listening to her, nor would he refund her money.

I wanted to punch him in the face, and I wasn't even the "victim" here. (I'm not a violent person, so what does that tell you?)

I created Socialite | Subscribe to stand in the gap between marketing companies and professionals in the home industry. Home pros get bullied and coerced into marketing schemes more often than not--because marketing companies saturate them with fear and steal their self-confidence.

I hate that. I hate that my industry (marketing) has created such a bad name for itself. I'm working to purify marketing and empower home pros to be their OWN marketers while investing very little of their own time and money.


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