Great job with the website! I was blown away by the content, beauty and sophistication of the design.
— Patricia
I cannot say enough good things about Kate..! She is fantastic and fun to work with. She has made the tough chore of creating a newsletter easy. Absolutely love working with her!!
— Maria
The new website is beyond SPECTACULAR. The wording, the photography, the flow are outstanding.
— Sandra

Kate’s writing has really upped our game in blogging - both in content and consistency. Now we’re on a regular schedule with great posts - that I don’t have to write!
— Susan

I have hired Kate for a number of different projects. She is reliable and very creative with her writing.
— Rebecca
I love the newsletter. Thank you for your amazing work!
— Kristen

I just wanted you to know that it is truly a pleasure to speak and work with you. Every time we talk, it amazes me how you take our stories [memoir to ebook], the contents, and the emotions, and create a story that is so engaging.

From the few conversations we’ve had, I honestly believe that your gift is listening to people, what they write, what they say, and what they don’t say. Then, you combine it all into words so very elegantly.
Looking forward to speaking with you again.
— Cathy

Kate is great to work with. She brings out the best in you and makes you look better than you are.
— Jay
Kate is really great to work with. She is very skilled and brings good ideas to the table.
— Mason