#1 Best Virtual Interior Design Tool: Meet DesignFiles

#1 Best Virtual Interior Design Tool: Meet DesignFiles

The Kate Show | Episode 16

Today we're on the podcast talking all about how interior designers can easily and affordably set up their virtual interior design services or full-fledged e-design business. In a cultural that lends itself toward the DIY'er and in a climate where designer pricing is being overturned by mega-corporations, Designfiles stands as a strong yet flexible tool that allows designers to leverage and grow.

About our guest

Sheilah MacSporran is a co-founder of Olioboard.com a successful online interior design platform that allows it's half a million members to create digital room designs that can be shopped with a click. Olioboard has been featured on TV shows and sites such as The Today Show, The Nate Berkus Show, The Steven and Chris Show, City Line TV, Mashable and Apartment Therapy.

In addition to Olioboard, Sheilah is also a co-founder of DesignFiles.co which provides thousands of interior designers with their own private online design platform branded to their business.

Using DesignFiles interior designers can source products, create digital designs, invite their clients in to discuss the looks, send out branded presentations and tear sheets and manage all of their client projects in one easy to use platform.

Listen to the Episode

In today's episode...

  • Who is Sheilah MacSporran?

  • What has your entrepreneurial journey been like and how did it lead you to launching Designfiles?

  • What is it like working with your husband? Any pros, cons, or tips to share?

  • In a nutshell, what is Designfiles? What problems does it solve for the interior designer?

  • Is Designfiles built primarily for virtual design or will it also be useful for traditional design projects?

  • Do you have to be tech-savvy to use Designfiles? Describe the learning curve, if any.

  • Describe to me what your ideal client looks like. What is her design business model? What are her pain points? How does she benefit from Designfiles?

  • What key features does Designfiles have that make is so helpful and unique?

  • Could you describe your design packages and online payment features?

  • Once a new client selects a design package and pays for it, what is the workflow like?

  • Is virtual interior design a growing part of the design industry?

  • How can interior designers start using your platform? Do you offer a free trial? (Yes, they do!)

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