10 Signs of a Wantrepreneur & What to Do If It's You

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The Kate Show | Episode 43

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Wantrepreneurs drive me nuts, and I know I’m not alone in this. When I polled my social media followers about their wantrepreneur pet peeves, I saw right away that many business owners are of similar opinion.

According to my followers (and my own experiences), wantrepreneurs have been causing issues in the business world for years. This not only leads to the rise of many short lived and unprofitable companies, but it also tarnishes the reputations of true entrepreneurs. Today on The Kate Show, I’m setting the record straight by describing the key differences between real entrepreneurs and their wantreprener counterparts.

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10 Signs of a Wantrepreneur

With the word entrepreneurship becoming cliche, it is no wonder the term is overused, or worse, misused, by fortune-seekers and well-intentioned dreamers. According to the collective opinion of many business owners, here is how we can recognize a wannabe entrepreneur:

  1. They are full of business ideas but drop any of them at the slightest sign of difficulty - or once they realize how much work is required.

  2. They are motivated by easy and fast money.

  3. They are notorious for attempting to copy other successful business people without doing the work.

  4. They are attracted to passive income streams, making them a prime target for multi-level marketing ploys.

  5. Their LinkedIn profiles showcase a bevvy of companies and superfluous titles, all of which were held for two years or less.

  6. They will often say, “I want the success you have; tell me how you did it,” without stopping to ask themselves if the success they want to emulate even aligns with their lives or their values.

  7. They will often ask for a step-by-step tutorial on “how to build that,” if they want to dive into the work at all, and won’t attempt to reverse-engineer or sort through the steps to determine what will and won’t work for them.

  8. They are often motivated by profits more than by the fact that their business venture could actually help people.

  9. They gravitate toward successful entrepreneurs and try to hitch a ride on their success through lopsided business partnerships or collaborations with a “what’s in in it for me” attitude.

  10. They look for the many reasons why their original business ideas won’t work instead of the one reason that it could.

If you have a few wantrepreneur tendencies, never fear. You can always transition to full-fledged entrepreneurship simply by changing your mindset. Find your passion, find a problem, and become the solution.

In the words of Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, “Chase the vision, not the money; the money will end up following you.”


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