10 Things I don't Do to Market My Business

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The Kate Show | Episode 52

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Because I’m running a business, managing a team, and working with customers (hey, aren’t you doing that, too?), I have to be strategic about how I spend time marketing my business. I can’t do everything, and I sure wouldn’t want to try.

In today’s episode of The Kate Show, I’m sharing 10 ways I’m not marketing my business. I hope this rebellious episode gives you the freedom to stop wasting time on marketing efforts that are a waste of your day and your resources.

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10 Things I Don’t Do to Market My Business

I explain why I don’t do each of these in the episode. Go subscribe to The Kate Show on iTunes or Google Play. You won’t want to miss this one.

  1. I don’t do regular Instagram stories. When I do, they are personal, fun, or sharing a post that I love. IG Stories are a flashy feature but not necessary. Nothing beats an “old fashioned” post with a good image and great caption.

  2. I don’t buy space at trade shows or other events. After working at and attending enough events, I’ve realized that these events are great at making connections, not selling, and you don’t need a booth for that.

  3. I don’t use any form of print marketing. It has a low ROI and is hard to track, unlike digital marketing which is fast, light, and trackable.

  4. I send only one newsletter per month. Less is truly more when it comes to email marketing, but there are limits. If I were to send an email newsletter more than once per month, I would get a lower open rate and more people who unsubscribe. If I were to send less than once per month, I would defeat the purpose of email marketing, which is to stay top-of-mind and offer helpful information.

  5. I don’t obsess over how many fans I have on social media. I currently have less than 2K followers, and I’m happy as a clam. Why? Because my success isn’t determined by how many followers I have. Stressing over a little number like that would only take up precious brain power that I , and you, could use elsewhere.

  6. I also don’t focus on running social media ads. Unless I’m promote a lead magnet to grow my mailing list, it really isn’t worth the time. I get greater ROI by having a partner talk about me in their email newsletter and provide a link to my website. Being recommend by someone who is already trusted by your potential client will do far more for you than trying to get in front of those same people with an ad.

  7. I don’t write blog posts. The show notes for my weekly podcast (yes, this one!) replace the need for a regular blog.

  8. I don’t limit myself to only posting my own photos on social media. I use curated stock photos and often edit the lighting with Photoshop presets to get the branded look I want.

  9. I don’t join associations or groups that aren’t industry-specific and put me in direct contact with my ideal client. (This is why I left BNI. Forced referrals are the worst.)

  10. I never lead with price. Price is not a selling point. Instead, I focus on telling my potential client how my product or service will impact them, how it will make them feel, what results they’ll see, and the value therein. I suggest you do the same when promoting your services.


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