13 Ways to Increase Your Email Newsletter Open Rate

13 Ways to Increase Your Email Newsletter Open Rate

The Kate Show | Episode 58

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As an interior designer, home stager, or workroom owner, you likely fall into one of two categories:

  1. You do email marketing on the regular

  2. You are skeptical about email marketing

For those of you who already send email newsletters, prepare to take notes as we discuss 13 ways you can get more people to open each newsletter you send. For the rest of you who are unsure email marketing can even help your business, prepare to change your mindset about email newsletters. The stats are in - and they all point to email marketing.

Email newsletters are a non-negotiable marketing tool for home industry businesses. If you aren’t doing it yet, your business is behind the times - no matter how current and savvy you are on social media.
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8 Reasons Your Newsletter Might Have a Low Open Rate

First, we need to define what a good open rate actually is. The home and garden industry has an average open rate of 18-20%, but you should aim for at least 30%. Anything beyond that is excellent.

…but what if your open rate is dragging at 18% or lower? Here are a few reasons that might be happening:

  1. You are sending newsletters too frequently (more than once per month).

  2. You are sending low quality, unfocused, or uninteresting content.

  3. Your newsletters are too long and / or discuss too many things.

  4. You are sending your newsletter at the wrong time of day or day of the week.

  5. You have a low quality mailing list (listen to the episode or read on for a definition of this).

  6. Your email newsletter includes words that trigger spam filters (see the Resources section below for a complete list of spam words to avoid).

  7. You are using all caps too often in the subject line or email body.

  8. Your subject lines are not attention-getting (see the Resources section below for some proven subject lines to start using).

13 Tips for Increasing Open Rates in Email Marketing

If you’ve tried and “failed’ at email marketing or if you’re just looking to take your email newsletters to the next level, here are 13 tips to increase your email open rates. Remember, more eyes on your emails equal more leads in your pipeline.

  1. Be consistent with your sending schedule. Every 4 weeks is ideal.

  2. Keep your word count around 300.

  3. Test your subject lines (shorter, longer, ask a question, share a statistic).

  4. Test the effectiveness of sending on different days / times of day. There is no set rule for this and does require some testing. Think of your ideal client, what her day is like, and when she is most likely to check her email.

  5. Use only one topic and call-to-action per email; don’t give yourself the reputation of being chaotic in the inbox. ;)

  6. Don’t include sales or promotions in your email newsletter more than once per quarter; those types of emails often contain words that trigger spam filters (e.g. free consult, buy now, sale, 50% off)

  7. Write or direct the topic of your newsletter to a specific person; think of a recent client or lead and appeal to them. Don’t attempt to generalize, as that will lessen your effectiveness.

  8. Remove email subscribers who will never hire you (friends, family, colleagues, competitors).

  9. Add new leads / clients to your mailing list every month; set it as a recurring task and don’t forget to get it done.

  10. Keep your mailing list fresh and engaged by making it easy for new leads to join via your website. It helps to use a lead magnet that offers something they need in exchange for their email address.

  11. Send from an email address that matches your website. Using an address from Gmail, MSN, Yahoo, etc., is unprofessional and can lower your delivery rates. Contact your domain host or even your website designer to get a professional email address. I recommend using professional email with G Suite (the business side of Gmail).

  12. Send the email from your personal name, not from your business name (e.g. Kate the Socialite OR Kate with Socialite vs. just Socialite).

  13. Don’t resend your newsletter to those who didn’t open it the first time. The internet is full of advice that says you should, but doing so will increase the risk of people unsubscribing, flagging your message as spam, or reporting you. Just don’t do it.