14 Surprising FAQs about SEO that Will Save Time & Money

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The Kate Show | Episode 51

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Are you confused about SEO? Are you worried that your interior design, home staging, or workroom website won’t be found on the first page of Google? Just like social media, SEO has been over-complicated, overthought, and completely blown out of proportion. In fact, SEO anxiety has driven many business owners to spending hundreds of dollars they’ll never get back, all in the hope of “getting on the first page of Google.”

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a long term strategy and won’t provide instant results. It is bolstered by social media, blogging, and a good site design - but each of these are pieces of a bigger pie. It isn’t wise to rely on just one avenue to make your SEO a success.

In today’s episode of The Kate Show, I’m discussing 14 SEO FAQS that many of you have asked me. If you are about to get a new website or hire an SEO company, listen to this first. Be sure to subscribe to The Kate Show on iTunes or Google Play.

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Topics Discussed

  1. What is SEO?

  2. Do I need to add SEO to my site after it is built?

  3. Should I pay monthly ongoing fees for SEO?

  4. What keywords should I use on my site for SEO?

  5. Why are heading important for the text of my website as they relate to SEO?

  6. How to social media and blogging impact SEO?

  7. What exactly does an SEO company do…and do I need one?

  8. Does an SEO company truly have to submit my site to search engines?

  9. Do I need Google Adwords?

  10. What is duplicate, copied, and thin content and how do they impart the SEO of my site?

  11. Is SEO one-and-done forever or do I need to constantly update it?

  12. Is SSL security important for my website to be found on Google?

  13. What is the best way to have good SEO? *We share our simple plan that works like a charm.

  14. What is the Google algorithm and how does it decide what it likes?


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