2 Email Scripts for Getting Repeat Business (Bonus Script Included)

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The Kate Show | Episode 63

This episode is sponsored by Nancy Ganzekaufer, Business Coach for Creative Entrepreneurs.

If you've been in business for a few years, you've likely served many wonderful clients. Wouldn't it be great to work with them again? While they might not be ready for another batch of window treatments, another staging consultation, or a renovation, they likely could use one of your other services.

Heck, checking in with them just might lead to a great referral to their friend or family member, one that you wouldn't have gotten otherwise. Staying in touch with past clients is as important as staying in touch with friends. Both are relationships that seek mutual satisfaction, benefit, and value. By contacting your past clients, you're letting them know that you really enjoyed working with them and that you saw their project as the beginning of a beautiful relationship rather than a "ships passing in the night" situation.

This episode of The Kate Show spills the secret of how to reconnect with clients from long ago and either work with them again or ask them to refer you. Be sure to subscribe to The Kate Show on iTunes or Google Play.

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How to Find Repeat or Referral Business

The process for recovering client information and contacting each one is simple and effective:

  1. Compile all customer contact info into a spreadsheet (don't use a Word document)

  2. Separate the contacts who don't have email addresses

  3. Sent a friendly card to those contacts and ask them to head to your website and input their email address to stay in touch; be sure to also comment on how much you loved working with them and that you'd like to know if you can be of service to them or their social circle

  4. Put your clients' names and email addresses in Mailchimp for easy storage; they'll be primed and ready for your mass emails, which can and should include monthly email newsletters

  5. Send a "referral request" email to these past clients (I have a template for this listed in the Resource section below)

Be ready to handle the replies you'll get; your clients will be delighted to here from you again

Welcome Email Script

Welcome to {Business Name}

Serving {City, State} and surrounding areas.

You're here because you believe your home can be beautiful, and I'm here to show you exactly how you can make that happen.

Now that you're on my VIP List, you'll receive my monthly look book on the regular. It's a fun, quick read with gorgeous photos and ideas for your spaces. When you're ready to implement any ideas you've seen (or if you've come up with your own...or if you've hit a wall a need help with your home), I'm here for you.

My services include...

Service #1

Service #2

Service #3

Follow up with your head shot, brief bio, and a call-to-action, such as, "Schedule a Call Now."

View a real life example here: https://us9.campaign-archive.com/?u=ad94609f6b044f1bada63d740&id=b8e32b3d06

Testimonial Request Email Script

Hello, valued client!

Can we ask a favor?

Let me explain. If you enjoyed the process of working with us - or if you thought certain areas needed improvement - we would love to know.

Would you take a minute to write a few sentences about your experience working with us? Please respond to this email with your comments or leave a review on Houzz (link your profile) or Facebook (link your business page).

This is big ask, which means the email needs to remain concise and focused. End it here.

View a real life example: https://us9.campaign-archive.com/?u=ad94609f6b044f1bada63d740&id=80a9e02381

BONUS - Refer Me Email Script

I need your help.

I'm looking to you for the power of your influence.

If you're reading this email, it is because you and I have a history, a relationship based on a mutual love for beautiful spaces and an admiration for one another. 

The work we did together was a wonderful experience, and if I could do it all again, I would.

In a heartbeat.

To be honest, I want to meet more people just like you. 

Do you have a friend or family member who is interested in making their home a beautiful reflection of their values? If you recommend them, I know I'll love them. And if you refer me to them, I'll have a chance to meet their needs.

I don't just want more clients; I want the right clients. After working on your project, I saw that you have great connections and relationships in your life. People respect you and look to you for advice. 

Would you forward this email to a friend or family member who needs my help?

Follow up this request with your head shot, bio, and a call-to-action button.

View a real life example here: https://us9.campaign-archive.com/?u=ad94609f6b044f1bada63d740&id=01c9e728d9


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