20 Website Design Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

20 Website Design Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

The Kate Show | Episode 48

Are you about to get a new website? Make sure it is designed correctly from day one by avoiding these top 20 design mistakes. These mistakes are far too common on interior design, home staging, and workroom websites. I’ll bet your site has at least one of these faux pas. If this is the case, contact your website designer immediately or contact my team to get a better website.

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20 Website Mistakes to Avoid

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  1. Relying on low quality photography

  2. Keeping all verbiage in the 3rd person

  3. Having an incomplete home page with little to no text (terrible for SEO)

  4. Failing to address your ideal client / describe them within the first few sentences of your home page

  5. Failing to add a call to action (CTA) on every page

  6. Not using online forms to clearly and easily capture project information

  7. Not using a brand magazine / lead magnet to entice people to join your mailing list

  8. Displaying social icons too prominently in the header of your site, which tempts people to leave; social icons should always be in the footer

  9. Using an About page or bio that is written in the 3rd person and talks soley about you, your education, and your accomplishments; first and foremost, you need to address your ideal clients’ needs and your ability to solve them

  10. Using an old or unprofessional head shot; lifestyle photos are best

  11. Not naming each photo file with the project type, city, and state before uploading to your site

  12. Not positioning your Services page around your ideal clients’ specific needs

  13. Asking a website visitor to click too many times to find the info they want

  14. Using pop-up banners that cover the entire screen

  15. Forgetting to list the cities and states that you serve; you’d be surprised how many interior designers, specifically, forget to do this

  16. Using a slideshow that changes automatically on any page of their site, especially the homepage

  17. Including a blog in your site that you don’t update at least monthly; if you aren’t posting new content, hide that blog

  18. Using a website layout that isn’t mobile-friendly

  19. Using a website that doesn’t have SSL security; your site should have “https://” preceding the web address if it is secure

  20. Using too many font types and sizes


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