3 Rules for Easily De-Cluttering Your Marketing

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The Kate Show | Episode 50

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Do you ever wonder if half of your marketing efforts are a waste of time or money? You should. Many business owners waste time doing things just because they were told it was a “good idea” without assessing or analyzing whether that marketing tactic made sense for their business or ideal client. I’m totally guilty of this (hello, wasted social media ads!), and I’ve learned how to par down my marketing into a lean, mean machine that brings results without making me crazy.

I’ve adapted these tactics to fit interior design, home staging, and workroom businesses, and I’m spilling all the details in today’s episode of The Kate Show. (Be sure to subscribe to this podcast on iTunes or Google Play so you never miss an episode.)

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How to Assess Your Current Marketing

First, list everything you are currently doing or outsourcing to market your business, this includes social media profiles, print ads, events you host or attend, sponsorship you currently fund, and any organizations of which you are a member or partner.

Second, understand what ROI should look like for each marketing avenue:

Social media ROI is not determined by how many fans you amass, but rather by how much traffic it is sending to your website; fans don’t equal clients. Be careful not to get hung up on that misconception.

Print advertising ROI, including anything you send via snail mail, should be assessed based on the uptick, or lack thereof, in phone calls or emails that correspond with the send dates of those ads. If you didn’t see an increase, it didn’t work. Because print ads have a high cost-per-lead compared to other forms of marketing, you should be especially careful with this one and make sure you aren’t wasting time or money. Print ads were effective 20 years ago, and can still be effective today, but not always and certainly not for every business.

Digital advertising ROI, including social media ads or Google adwords, can be measured easily by looking at the data reports. If running the ad took more money out of your pocket than it delivered, you need to either change or stop your paid digital ads. Advertising is not a replacement for marketing, which is based on cultivating authentic, long term relationships.

Email marketing ROI is determined first and foremost by your open rate. If you are sending an email newsletter every 4 weeks, your open rate should be at least 20%. If it isn’t, that is not a reason to stop doing it, but rather, a reason to assess and adjust what you’re doing.

Email newsletters are the only non-negotiable marketing avenue. It is 40x more effective that Facbook. Don’t ever stop email marketing, but do change how you’re doing it if your open rate drops too low.
— The Kate Show

The Rule of 3 for De-Cluttering Your Marketing

The rule of 3 was developed after I got overwhelmed by my marketing and watched business owners in the home industry get overwhelmed as well. After testing my theory, I made it a rule for my business, and it has worked wonderfully ever since. I’ve adapted it to fit interior design, staging, and workroom businesses as follows:

Your business needs 3 outside referral sources (choose one from each category)

  1. A relationship opportunity: Group / club / network / organization

  2. A collaborator who also serves your ideal client but who doesn’t compete with you (only once choice here because it is a must-do)

  3. A source of publicity: Magazine feature / sponsorship of an event or association / an ad presence where your ideal client hangs out often

Your business needs 3 internal marketing avenues

  1. One social media platform that you post on 3x per week (e.g. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)

  2. One email newsletter per month (less than 300 words, 3-4 images, one topic per newsletter, relevant to your ideal client, sent consistently)

  3. One offline branding tactic: Put a decal on the back window of your work vehicle, wear branded apparel on the job and around town, etc.


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