4 Myths about Paid Ads & How to Make Them Work

4 Myths about Paid Ads & How to Make Them Work

The Kate Show | Episode 28

Have you ever run a paid print ad or a boosted post on social media only to get zero new clients from it? This disheartening experience has affected nearly every business owner--including me. However, after running an online (and a location-based) business for several years, I've been able to pinpoint the four myths of paid advertising and why most paid ads run by small businesses have distressingly poor ROI.

Paid advertising has its time and place, but not as often as you'd think. Advertising is also not a replacement for genuine marketing. If you're ready to learn when, where and how to run a successful ad--and how to recognize when it's truly a waste of money--this episode is for you. 

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Resources Mentioned

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  • Canva | Create your next ad

  • Mailchimp | Set up your email sequence