6 Ways Interior Designers & Home Stagers Can Meet Realtors

6 Ways Interior Designers & Home Stagers Can Meet Realtors

The Kate Show | Episode 6

Marketing your interior design or home staging firm requires a healthy balance of both online and offline marketing strategies. In today's episode, we're talking all about how you can increase your know, like, and trust factor by creating lasting and profitable relationships with realtors in the various cities and suburbs that you serve.

If you need a steady stream of high-quality referrals, if you don't have time to chase down new leads that--let's be honest--may not even hire you...this episode of The Kate Show was created specifically for you.

6 Ways Interior Designers & Home Stagers Can Meet Realtors

  1. Join a real estate organization and offer a free home staging or design seminar / webinar to educate realtors on your service and the benefits of hiring or referring you.

  2. Create specific, tailored home staging / design packages for certain home types (Victorian, ranch, etc).

  3. Partner and / or launch paid advertising with mortgage lenders who work directly with realtors (and homeowners).

  4. Decide whether you want to reach real estate agents or homeowners, as each require drastically different marketing tactics.

  5. Do Facebook Live videos of your staging / design projects.

  6. Promote the real estate agents that you work with; become a community!

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