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Why Success in Business is Related to Identity & Confidence

Here is the tale of a girl who came from nothing, who believed she was nothing, who felt unloved, unsuccessful, and trapped in an endless cycle of try-fail-repeat.

Spoiler alert: You'll love the ending. I made one "simple" mindset shift that redirected the trajectory of my business and, more importantly, forever changed how I view myself.

Get ready for some intense mindset work and a new (perhaps polarizing) perspective on the age-old problem of profits and imposters in business.

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How to Improve & Automate Your Client Project Management

Are you trying to attract high end clients for your interior design or home staging firm? Your visual presence and client process matters. If you're still emailing client documents and designs, hold up right there. If you're still constantly updating your client on the status of his/her project and wishing you could find an easier way to stay organized, this episode of the Kate Show is for you.

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How to Harness Pinterest for Your Design & Staging Business

Do you use Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy? You should be! Pinterest is a great way to send traffic to your website, increase your publicity, and get noticed by your ideal client / shelter magazines. In this episode, I share how you can grow your Pinterest profile to 100K hits per month, increase your web traffic, put your pinning on auto-pilot--and yes--give you a blueprint of exactly what you should be pinning and how often.

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#1 Best Virtual Interior Design Tool: Meet DesignFiles

Today we're on the podcast talking all about how interior designers can easily and affordably set up their virtual interior design services or full-fledged e-design business. In a cultural that lends itself toward the DIY'er and in a climate where designer pricing is being overturned by mega-corporations, Designfiles stands as a strong yet flexible tool that allows designers to leverage and grow.

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Creating a Passive Income for Your Interior Design & Staging Business

Have you ever wanted to take all of your interior design or home staging knowledge and sell THAT instead of trading your hours for dollars? I'm not suggesting that you need to stop serving your clients one-on-one, but I am hinting at the idea of having more time for your family without taking a pay cut (and, honestly, making more money) and moving toward a new phase of life with a manageable, work-from-anywhere income stream.

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