Creating a Passive Income for Your Interior Design & Staging Business

Creating a Passive Income for Your Interior Design & Staging Business

The Kate Show | Episode 14

Have you ever wanted to take all of your interior design or home staging knowledge and sell THAT instead of trading your hours for dollars? I'm not suggesting that you need to stop serving your clients one-on-one, but I am hinting at the idea of...

  • Having more time for your family without taking a pay cut (and, honestly, making more money)

  • Moving toward a new phase of life with a manageable, work-from-anywhere income stream

  • Being able to serve more people at a price they can easily afford

  • Serving up high level design / staging advice without feeling like you're giving away the best parts of yourself

This business model is a monthly, subscription-based form of leveraged income. Some may refer to it as passive, but even passive incomes require regular maintenance. If you have a good relationship with technology, at least three years of design or staging experience, and can commit to spending a month or two setting up your subscription model, you will then be able to run it effortlessly for years to come. Speaking from my own experience, you'll spend a few hours per month updating the content and a half hour per day on customer service. Not a bad gig!

The best part? You don't need a huge audience of people to market to and you don't need hordes of customers to join your subscription membership. You need just a few dozen of the right people who stay month after month to make your new income stream a reliable contributor to your bottom line.

Wanna learn how to do this? I'm giving you a sneak peak at how this business model works and how to make it happen.

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