Easy Email Marketing Tips for Designers, Stagers & Workrooms

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The Kate Show | Episode 44

This episode is sponsored by My Design Assistant, virtual assistant services for interior designers.

How long has it been since you connected with past clients or leads via email? I often hear from home industry professionals who have gone years without touching their email list and many more who have never put their past clients or leads on a mailing list.

Once I explain how many projects they’ve missed out on, I reassure them that restarting their email marketing (or launching it for the very first time) doesn’t have to be intimidating.

In this episode of The Kate Show, I discuss every big question I’ve ever been asked about email newsletters and email marketing in general. After meeting hundreds of interior designers, home stagers, and window treatment workroom owners who struggle with email marketing, I was able to pinpoint their biggest problems.

Get ready for an episode packed with tips you can use right now and see results from almost immediately.

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Topics Discussed

  • How to send your first email newsletter ever

  • How to restart your email marketing if it has been a few months (or years!) since your last one

  • How to increase your open rate

  • How to avoid SPAM filters

  • How to encourage readers to respond to your newsletter

  • How to book consultations with leads directly from your newsletter

  • How to become memorable and noteworthy in your newsletter

  • How often to send a newsletter

  • What you should say in each email newsletter (I break it down section by section)

  • Why talking about too many subjects in one newsletter will hurt your ROI

Resources Mentioned

  • SPAM words to avoid, courtesy of Hubspot.com

  • Mailchimp (for creating / sending email newsletters) Psst, it’s free!

  • Socialite Vault (premade newsletters that you can customize and send, plus a bunch of other marketing goodies for pros in the home industry)