Houzz Controversy: Should You Delete Your Profile?

Houzz Controversy: Should You Delete Your Profile?

With the recent upheaval of Houzz and IvyMark, the interior design industry is #shook. Oh, and #woke, if you want to go with straight up Generation Z lingo.  Interior designers and their counterparts are on edge and scrambling to vet their vendors (perhaps a little too late) in an effort to protect their clients' information and their pricing structures.

Why? Because it seems that Houzz, a platform built on shoulders of hardworking designers, has zeroed in on the homeowner demographic and sought to remove interior designers from the plot of this increasingly twisted story.

Houzz has become the interior designer’s main competitor, and it’s going to backfire.
— The Kate Show

Yes, I said it. Houzz has become the interior designer's main competitor, and it's going to backfire. Before we all freak out and unshackle the chains of our annual Houzz advertising contracts or delete our free accounts and portfolio photos from the platform, hear me out. 

As a user of a platform (Houzz, IvyMark, etc) you have rights--but so do those companies. In this episode, I straddle the fine line between vetting your vendors and blacklisting those who don't meet your standards while also facing head-on the mob mentality that has developed around these issues.

This polarizing issue is an episode for grownups only.

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