How 30 Days of Self Portraits Transformed My Social Media Marketing

How 30 Days of Self Portraits Transformed My Social Media Marketing

The Kate Show | Episode 34

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What is holding you back from posting photos of yourself regularly on Facebook and Instagram? I asked my Facebook group this question recently and received answers like...

  • "I'm not pretty enough."

  • "I don't want to distract people from my services."

  • "I have a lot of bad hair days."

  • "I don't have enough professional photos of myself."

I had to conquer each of these fears when I launched my Instagram test which involved 30 days of selfies, and I'm so glad I did. (If you've been following me on social media for the past few weeks, you likely know me really well by now!) Not only have I been posting a photo of myself or my family every day for the past month, but I have also been writing long and meaningful captions. Yes, it was a lot of work. Yes, I was nervous.

...And now that I know how it affects the bottom line of my business, there is no way I'm going to quit.

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Why I Committed to 30 Days of Selfies on Social Media

My goal was threefold:

  • increase engagement on Facebook and Instagram

  • increase web traffic

  • get to know my audience

Needless to say, I blew those goals out of the water and am growing my marketing firm at a higher rate as a result. As I review the data from the past 30 days, I can see that there is direct correlation between what and how often we post on social media and how it affects our pipeline--and yes--our bottom line. I'm excited to share the stats with you in this episode.

My Instagram stats after 30 days of self portraits / selfies

  • 26% increase in post likes

  • 44% increase in comments

  • 50% increase in profile views and clicks to my website

Instagram Growth Charts & My Best / Worst Posts

My Facebook stats after 30 days of self portraits or selfies

(This is a little disappointing.)

  • 3% increase in fans or followers

  • A handful of unfollows

  • 50% increase in website clicks

Facebook Growth Charts & Reach Summary

FB Stats.png

Other Statistics & Noteworthy Results

  • 259 new email subscribers (even though I didn't actively promote any of my lead magnets or freebies)

  • Facebook is the biggest social media traffic source to my website, despite the disappointing stats!

  • New client inquiries and customer acquisitions are through the roof; I'm insanely busy even after adding a fourth person to my team and need to restructure as a result.

My Plan Going Forward

  • I will be posting 3-5 times per week on Facebook; daily posts were too much.

  • I will be posting 5-7 times per week on Instagram

  • I will continue to post photos of myself, my life, and my family

  • I will continue to write captions based on my top three social media goals: Increased engagement, website traffic, and relationships

Things You Should Know

  • You don't need to think you're "beautiful" to post photos of yourself on social media

  • Posting photos of yourself doesn't make you look conceited or distract fans from your services

  • Posting photos of yourself actually enhances your message, makes your more memorable, and gives a wider variety of people within your target market deeper reasons to follow you rather than only because they need your exact service at this exact moment.

  • You don't need to have professional photography, but if you do, ask for a lifestyle photoshoot.


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