How Backwards Marketing Helps Your Design & Staging Design Business

The Kate Show | Episode 038

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Do you ever feel pressured to implement every piece of marketing advice that falls into your lap? Does the pressure to keep up with your colleagues on social media - only to see zero results for your efforts - feel exhausting? Today on The Kate Show, I’m sharing a unique way to approach marketing your interior design, staging, or workroom business.

It’s called backwards marketing. (I coined the term; ya heard it here first!)

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What is Backwards Marketing?

Backwards marketing is a practice that starts with the end in mind, creating a clear marketing goal and breaking down the steps leading away from it. Yep, backwards. The benefit to this approach is that it prevents aimless efforts, like posting white noise on social media or running ads that don’t deliver. It also helps you overcome the fear of not knowing what to say and helps you know exactly what your social posts, email newsletter, website, and lead magnet should say.


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