How I Grew My Business & Made Marketing Easy

How I Grew My Business & Made Marketing Easy

The Kate Show | Episode 9

Today I'm taking a break from hardcore marketing topics to get personal, real, and raw with you. I started my business four years go, and it has been quite a journey. In year one, I was a newly wed, a college grad, and I had four thousand dollars to my name. In year two, I rebranded, refocused, and basically started over. In year three, my husband was able to quit his day job in order to pursue his own dreams, and I was finally able to say adios to the many part-time jobs I had.

Now it's year four, we are building our dream log home, and our lives are drastically different. How did I get here?

I wasn't an overnight success. I wasn't born into wealth. I'm just a Wisconsin girl, born in the poorest Wisconsin county, who spent years with limited technology and abundance of work under the hot sun. My family has lived "in the sticks" for most of my life, and many of our neighbors were Amish. I didn't get a smartphone until college, and I didn't have real (DSL) internet until summer 2017.

How then, did I end up running an international marketing company that helps grow the businesses of interior designers and home stagers in every major English speaking country? Great question. Here's how it happened:

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My business coach: Michele Williams of Scarlet Thread Consulting. Get her coaching program right here.

Newsletters / social media posts for interior designers and home stagers: 

How I launched my business without knowing anything

  • I had no clue what I was doing, and no business or marketing background

  • I had a published book and a college degree-that's it

  • I knew how to work hard and how to teach myself new skill sets

  • My battle with complex PTSD (spoiler alert: I won) and how that affected my business

  • Why I felt sick about charging for my services

  • Why I used to attract awful clients

  • Why one random man's job offer changed the trajectory of my career journey

How I figured out that marketing could be easy

  • Why I turned down a big promotion in Boston, Mass., to instead start my own business in Nowhere, Wis. ;)

  • How I ended up choosing to focus my business on helping interior designers and home stagers

  • Why saying "no" to certain new clients grew my business exponentially

  • How I decided to teach people how to treat me and my business

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