How Improving Your Confidence will Level Up Your Marketing

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The Kate Show | Episode 59

Sponsored by Your Business Partner, Nancy Ganzekaufer: Business Coach for Creative Entrepreneurs.

Did you know that your level of confidence determines how effective your marketing will be? This is good news and not-so-good news for interior designers, stagers, and workroom owners. Why? Because mindset issues can’t be overcome by outsourcing, covering them up, or pretending they don’t exist.

If you have a low self confidence as a business owner, you will experience business problems including but not limited to the following:

  • A lack of clients who trust you

  • Ongoing difficulty with making decisions, often defaulting to inaction

  • Inability to pay yourself a regular salary

  • Fear of outsourcing any task in your business, even the ones you dislike

Bottom line: A lack of confidence is a virus that wants to make your business “just a hobby” and strip it of everything a business needs to be successful: Clients, decisiveness, payroll, and team-building.

The good news is that this virus is completely curable through working with a therapist, business / life coach, prayer, and meditation. You will need to realize your value as a person before you can translate it into your business.

In this episode, I provide a 9 question quiz to help you determine whether you lack confidence, and I also provide a clear plan that you can use to start building your confidence and get your marketing on the right track.

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9 Signs You Lack Confidence as an Entrepreneur

Low confidence can affect us at any age in and during any part of our business journey. Are you lacking confidence? If you answer yes to even one of the following questions, it’s time to do some mindset work to get your business and your marketing back on track:

  1. Do you avoid posting your face on social media?

  2. Does your marketing talk about you in the 3rd person?

  3. Have you delayed improving your brand or getting a business coach because you “just aren’t there yet”?

  4. Are you uncomfortable sending invoices or reminding clients of a late payment?

  5. Do you second-guess your business decisions or require the opinions of people beyond a coach or a partner before making any decisions?

  6. Do you feel stiff or awkward when talking about your business online or in real life?

  7. Are you quick to quit a new marketing technique if it doesn’t bring results “fast enough” or in the way that you expected?

  8. Do you feel unable to work a set schedule or pay yourself regularly?

4 Ways Low Confidence Impacts Your Marketing

If you still aren’t convinced that a lack of self-confidence is having a negative impact on your home industry business, here are four real-life ways you can watch this problem play out:

  1. Clients will trust you less because you don’t trust yourself.

  2. Leads / clients will bargain hunt and ask you for discounts.

  3. Your marketing message will be inconsistent or nonexistent since you aren’t sure who you are as a business.

  4. You will avoid investing in outsourced team members, telling yourself that it is overhead instead of an investment that will grow your business.

A Portrait of the Confident Home Industry Entrepreneur

I’m not suggesting you dress this way, but your marketing would thank you if you adopted this level of sass. ;)

I’m not suggesting you dress this way, but your marketing would thank you if you adopted this level of sass. ;)

Imagine a business that runs smoothly and grows steadily, not because you’re watching your competition or spending tons of money on marketing, but because you have a clear target client, well-defined goals, and a plan to reach them. Picture yourself focusing on your delighted clients, who are all too happy to refer you to their friends and family.

Imagine narrowing your focus to the marketing efforts that matter, no longer worrying about how many social media followers you have or from where your next lead will come. Visualize building your team (bookkeeper, marketer, assistant, etc.) of professionals instead of relying on student interns who don’t quite get your vision or have the expertise needed to drive your business forward. As you invest in the professionals, you watch your business grow.

That, my friend, is life-changing. If you’d like more insight on how I overcame my HUGE lack of self-confidence, go listen to this past episode.