How Online Quizzes can Easily Grow Your Mailing List

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The Kate Show | Episode 13

This episode of The Kate Show is brought to you by When they reached out a few month ago and asked if I would join their influencer program, I was overjoyed. This amazing online quiz platform has the ability to grow any business owner's mailing list, and they already have template quizzes created for interior designers.


Interact was co-founded by small-town-boy-turned-Cali-entrepreneur Josh Haynam. Today on The Kate Show, I talk with him about the nitty gritty details behind online quiz creation and why human psychology plays an important role in its effectiveness. 

Our conversation covered his entrepreneurial journey, how small town life prepared him for success, the role faith plays in running his start-up and, of course, some handy tips on how to create an online quiz that your potential clients just can't resist.

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