How This Vendor Helps Interior Designers Amaze Their Clients


The Kate Show | Episode 037

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Finding the right vendors for your interior design projects can be difficult. Who should you trust? Will they value your business as a long term relationship? Will they respect your professionalism and add value to your client experience?

These are just a few of the questions I asked Revel Woods co-founder John Dupra on The Kate Show. If you’re looking to expand your interior design services and provide a more well-rounded experience for your clients, you need to meet Revel Woods.

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About Our Guest

A second generation member of the wood flooring industry. John joined his father’s distribution business and used it to create Revel Woods. An online wood flooring store built from the ground up to simplify the hardwood flooring sourcing process.

Revel Woods specializes in partnering with interior designers to make their services well-rounded, efficient, and profitable. If you're looking for a trade resource that is honorable and treats interior designers with integrity. look no further than this awesome company.

In an age where some vendors are coming after your clients, Revel Woods actually makes it easier for homeowners to understand why they should work with interior designers, buy product through designers, and rely on their design expertise for all decision-making. Interior design is no joke, and neither are hardwood floors.

In this interview, I ask John Dupray the tough questions we all should be asking before we select a new vendor. As you'll hear, he has a passion for empowering interior designers both large and small. Whether you have a team of 20 or a team of one, Revel Woods can help.

Topics Discussed

  1. Who is Revel Woods?

  2. What makes Revel Woods different from other trade-only resources?

  3. Why is is so difficult for designers to source / order hardwood flooring and how does Revel Woods solve these issues?

  4. What opinion does Revel Woods hold of interior designers?

  5. How does Revel Woods protect interior designers from the DIY market?

  6. Can interior designers use your service even for their remote projects? How do you help them find qualified installers?

  7. What is general experience of a designer who starts working with Revel Woods? Could you give us a play-by-play of what to expect?

  8. How can interior designers apply for a pro account and what does that process look like?


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