How to Create a Beautiful & Effective Lead Magnet

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The Kate Show | Episode 39

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Lead magnets are a great way to attract more interior design or home staging clients. These handy little marketing tools provide immediate assistance to your potential clients and address their pain points. Lead magnets made you look professional and contribute incredible value to your sales funnel, even when you are trying to reach clients local to your area.

Today on the Kate Show, I’m talking all about what a lead magnet is, what it does for your business, the anatomy of a successful lead magnet, and how to create one for your own business.

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What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is also known as an ebook, freebie, digital magazine, or PDF download. It introduces your company while, first and foremost, helping your ideal client from a factual or emotional standpoint. A lead magnet sits on your website and is automatically delivered to your visitors, for free, when they enter their email address.

What does a lead magnet do?

Lead magnets send traffic to your website, give you something helpful and original to post on social media, and grows your mailing list. It is a crucial part of your marketing sales funnel if you run an interior design (traditional or virtual), home staging, or window treatment business.

Components of an Effective Lead Magnet

Page 1: Cover image with titles and snippets of the inside - just like a magazine cover.

Pages 2-3: Content that helps your ideal client, such as How to Stage an Occupied Listing or 3 Steps to Preparing for a Kitchen Remodel.

Page 4: Your short bio and headshot. You may also want to include your team members’ photos and titles.

Page 5: The call-to-action. This is the most important page, as it gives you space to tell your lead what to do next. “Book a consultation with me,” etc.

How to Create a Lead Magnet

Creating a lead magnet will take several day or several weeks. Quality matters. This is something your business will be able to use for a year or more, so don’t skimp or rush.

  1. Use a platform like Powerpoint, MS Word, or - my favorite -

  2. Choose your topic and make it sure aligns with both your service offerings and your clients’ pain points.

  3. Write 500-1500 words on that topic (3-5 bullet points)

  4. Curate an image for the cover and 2-3 images for each consecutive page.

  5. Gather your team photos and a short bio that is specific to you.

Does this sound labor-intensive? It is.

(Just being honest, guys.)

…but I have good news:

Premade lead magnets, complete with images and text, are coming to Socialite Vault. Each lead magnet is specific to interior design, home staging, and window treatments and fully customizable.

Swap out images, edit the text, or add your own flair. No matter how you spin it, it’s easier and faster than starting from scratch. Plus, you’re guaranteed a professional and beautiful result that is on point with your unique brand. If you need help, our support team is quick to jump in and guide you.

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