How to Create a Content Calendar for Designers, Stagers & Workrooms

How to Create a Content Calendar for Designers, Stagers & Workrooms

The Kate Show | Episode 32

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Do you struggle with planning your social media content? As an interior designer, home stager, or window treatment workroom, what you post on social media directly impacts the type of clients and projects you will receive. Creating a strategic content calendar protects you from falling into the trap of only talking about your services, sales, or promotions. Instead, a content calendar helps you attract the right clients and projects, catch the eye of shelter magazines, and actually contribute to the bottom line of your business through social media.

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In today's episode, we're covering the following much-requested topics:

  • What is a social media content calendar?

  • Why do I need a content calendar?

  • How do I plan social media posts around specific business goals?

  • How do I know if my social media plan is working?

I also take you through my easy-peasy method for planning and scheduling a month of social media posts in one sitting. I've honed this method after years of managing many Facebook and Instagram accounts, and I've found it to be a simple, yet effective, approach to social media for designers, stagers, and workrooms.

We discuss the details on...

  • How many times per week / month you should post

  • Which days of the week you should post

  • Which social platforms you should use

  • How to break your content into categories for ease of replication

  • Where to get images, quotes--and even pre-written captions that you can modify--for your social channels

Resources Mentioned

  • Stock photo sites:,,,

  • Quote sites:

  • Curated social media images, hashtags, and pre-written captions specific to interior design, home staging, and window treatment workrooms: