How to End Marketer's Block When You Feel Lost

How to End Marketer's Block When You Feel Lost

The Kate Show | Episode 29

I stared at my Instagram empty schedule for the month and gulped. Here I was, an experienced marketer, and I had no clue what I wanted to say in that given moment. Call it the result of hormones (always a good excuse), brain fog, or an overly packed schedule--I had a bad case of marketer's block.

Fortunately, I've gleaned tips on how to conquer this and come up with a few of my own that I still use to this day. Best of all, they are applicable to your home furnishings business, too.

If you struggle with knowing what to say on your blog, website, or social channels, today's show is for you. I'm sharing my top three ways for blasting through the mental block that leaves even the most well-versed business owners speechless.

Take that, you blank page! *shakes fist triumphantly at computer screen* 

This episode is sponsored by Your Business Partner (Nancy Ganzekaufer), business coach for interior designers and other creative entrepreneurs.

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