How to Harness Pinterest for Your Design & Staging Business

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The Kate Show | Episode 19

Do you use Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy? You should be! Pinterest is a great way to send traffic to your website, increase your publicity, and get noticed by your ideal client / shelter magazines. In this episode, I share how you can grow your Pinterest profile to 100K hits per month, increase your web traffic, put your pinning on auto-pilot--and yes--give you a blueprint of exactly what you should be pinning and how often.

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Topics Discussed

  • Why Pinterest is so powerful and important to any business
  • What makes Pinterest different from Facebook or Instagram
  • Why Pinterest users are more apt to take action
  • What, when and how you should pin as an interior designer / home stager
  • Should you pin content from other people?
  • Should you worry about copyright infringement on Pinterest?
  • How many pins you should add per day to your account (spoiler alert: you should pin 12-15 items per day)
  • Boardbooster vs. Tailwind for scheduling Pinterest pins
  • How long it takes for Pinterest to bring you ROI
  • What Pinterest success actually looks like
  • The role of Pinterest in your interior design / staging sales funnel
  • The difference between your personal Pinterest profile and a business profile
  • How to audit and magnetize your Pinterest account for your audience
  • Newsflash: Properly managing a Pinterest account requires 4-5 hours per month

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