How to Manage Your Income & Pay Yourself More an an Interior Designer

How to Manage Your Income & Pay Yourself More an an Interior Designer

The Kate Show | Episode 22

Do you avoid looking at your Quickbooks account? Do numbers make your cringe? Are you unable to pay yourself consistently as an interior designer, stager, or workroom? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you likely have negative money mindset, one that will continue to stunt the growth of your business until you choose to overcome it.

In today's episode, I interview interior design business coach Michele Williams on why these negative mindsets exist, how they damage your business, and how to overcome them. If you're looking for encouragement, actionable tips, and financial empowerment, this episode of The Kate Show is for you.

About Our Guest

As a former window treatment professional, Michele Williams of Scarlet Thread Consulting understands the interior design industry as well as the unique financial struggles that face creative entrepreneurs. Her focus on profitability, money management, and confidence-building have empowered countless women and helped their businesses flourish. 

Her online course, Understanding Your Financials, is an easy-to-understand explanation of how to understand your accounting, how to move money around in a way that plans for the future but also yields more profitability right now, and most importantly, how to pay yourself consistently. | Instagram: @scarletthreadatl

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