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The Kate Show | Episode 61

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I recently came across a blog post written by an interior designer that explained her reason for leaving Instagram, thus removing herself from social media entirely. It intrigued me with its refreshing perspective and made me dive back into the basics of modern marketing to answer the BIG question...

Is social media really necessary to market your interior design, home staging, or workroom business? The short answer: No - but you will need to employ other tactics to reach new clients if you decide to forgo social media.

Today's episode of The Kate Show covers the ins and outs of marketing your business without social media, how it impacts the rest of your marketing, and whether you are a good candidate for breaking up with the social game. Subscribe on iTunes or Google Play.

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Why Are Business Owners Leaving Social Media?

Social media isn't a magical tool that will bring you new projects; it is an outreach mechanism meant for building relationships. Mistakenly expecting your Instagram posts to result in new clients and magazine features will bring nothing but disappointment. In order for social media to effectively send leads into your pipeline, you need to socialize as a person on that platform and avoid making your posts strictly about tips and inspiration.

Why are so many industry pros considering a break up with social media? The answer is threefold:

1) They haven't seen enough results or the results they wanted (likely because the rest of their sales funnel was missing, as is often the case, but I digress)

2)They don't have enough time or money to sustain a consistent social media presence

3) While rare, some home professionals discover that their ideal client doesn't tend to use social media

Should You Quit Social Media for Business?

If you offer virtual services of any kind - eDesign, 3D renderings, etc. - social media is a non-negotiable. However, if your services fall within the categories of traditional interior design, home staging, and soft furnishing workroom services and you are certain your ideal clients tend not to use social media, you have a few options the rest of us simply don't:

-You can replace social media with offline socializing through networking groups, community organizations or clubs, and partnerships with brands in your geographic area

-You can use car decals / window clings, yard signs, and branded apparel to publicize your brand if you are often mingling or frequenting areas where your ideal client will see you

-You can blog regularly and put those blog posts on Pinterest (which is a search engine rather than a social platform) to increase your website traffic and SEO

-You can focus on creating great lead magnets for your website to convert blog visitors into email subscribers, where you can easily stay in touch with them via a monthly email newsletter

Regardless of who your ideal client is or what services you offer, you have 3 online marketing non-negotiable elements to contend with:

  1. You must have a good website

  2. You must have a lead magnet that entices people to join your mailing list

  3. You must have a monthly email newsletter that is sent to past / current clients and leads

These are the basic elements of a marketing sales funnel for the home industry, and I rarely encounter an interior designer, home staging, or soft furnishings professional that has all three naturally. It isn't until they've become disillusioned with social media, have exhausted print advertising, and have suffered the famine of a dry pipeline that they become willing to explore a more strategic approach.

If this is you (or if you don't want this to become your story), consider whether you are using social media correctly, whether you should stop using it, and whether you have the 3 elements of a sales funnel in place. Success in business is not an accident. It is the result of executing a plan.


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