How to Perform a Marketing Check Up on Your Business

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The Kate Show | Episode 78

When was the last time you gave your business marketing a check up? Much like having a physical done with your primary care provider, doing a check up on your marketing is preventative and serves to actively improve your business. Don't wait for a lack of leads or new projects before you assess your marketing, because that would be "too late" and make it harder for you to dig yourself out of that hole. Instead, remember that the current success of your business is because of the marketing efforts you put into place weeks or even months prior.

Marketing has cumulative effects rather than instant ones, and that is why you can't credit your current success with current efforts. Look retroactively at your marketing track records so that you can plan proactively for the future you want to have. In this episode, I'm teaching you how to do a marketing check up, circumvent a lack of clients, and prepare for success tomorrow by taking action today.

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How to Perform a Marketing Check Up

Remember, your current marketing efforts have almost nothing to do with your current success. If business is booming right now - or isn't - you'll need to look at the actions you took in months prior to determine the cause-and-effect relationship. What were you doing then that created the current state of your business?

Let's walk through a hypothetical business check up:

In the past three months, how many new projects or clients have you gotten? Write both numbers down before continuing.

In the past 6-9 months, how have you been marketing your business? List the average number for each of the following:

  • Social media posts

  • Newsletters

  • Blog posts

  • Client-facing events attended or hosted

  • Yard signs placed

  • Any new signage on vehicles or storefronts

  • Collaborations with colleagues or vendors

  • Press features or interviews


Marketing Check Up Worksheet

To begin your business marketing check up, please copy and paste the following into a Word document or print it off and grab a pen.

Part #1

I have received ____ # of new clients in the past 3 months and ____# of new projects, bringing in a total revenue of $_________.____ for that 90 day period.

Part #2

These results were created by my efforts in the following categories for the past 6-9 months:

_____ Social media posts per week

_____ Newsletters per month

_____ Blog posts per month

_____ Client-facing events attended or hosted

_____ Yard signs placed

_____ Any new signage on vehicles or storefronts

_____ Collaborations with colleagues or vendors

_____ Press features or interviews

Look at the number beside each marketing effort you did in the past 6-9 months. Each one, even the zeroes, contributed to the amount of clients, projects, and revenue you accumulated in the past 3 months. Those zeroes are telling. If you received little to no projects or revenue in Part #1, it is likely because not enough effort was put in during Part #2.

Part #3

Write down the month and year you last did each of the following for your business:

_______/_______ Got an updated head shot or (better) a lifestyle photo shoot done

_______/_______ Updated the verbiage on your website to speak directly to the needs of your ideal client

_______/_______ Sat down and assessed who your ideal client is, down to their hobbies, priorities, and worries

_______/_______ Re-branded or refreshed your existing brand according to what your ideal client would like to see (rather than on your own color, style, and design preferences)

_______/_______ Redesigned or significantly updated your website

_______/_______ Added recent project photos to your portfolio

Each of these items should have been completed or updated within the last two years. (Exception: Portfolio photos should be updated at least quarterly.) If more time than that has passed, you know what your homework is and where your business marketing sorely needs your attention.

What to do with Your Marketing Results

If you complete the worksheet above, you'll walk away with either a clear view of the gaps in your marketing or even more confidence that you're on the right track with all things business. If you're happy with the amount of leads or new projects you're getting, great! ...but I know all the Type A, ennegram 3 people listening are waving their hands in protest, saying,

"No, it's never enough. We want to keep growing!"

Perfect. You're my kind of people. If you want to take your marketing to another level and reap new rewards months from today, here are a few actions to consider:

Commit to getting most of your projects professionally photographed; these photos have almost endless marketing potential

Start using automated call and consultation booking through Calendly, Acuity Scheduling, or a similar platform; you can even let people pay upon booking their consultation with you, which means less paperwork later

Start using a platform like My Doma Studio or Designfiles to create service packages that your clients can quickly claim and pay for without waiting for you to get back to them; the easier you can make your process for the clients, the more clients you'll tend to get

Start a Facebook group around your ideal client, such as, "Home Staging Tips for Realtors," or "Interior Design Hacks for Busy Moms," or, "Custom Furnishing Tips for Interior Designers."

Start doing a weekly 5-10 minute live video on your Facebook or Instagram business page; use this as a time to share behind-the-scenes, offer tips, or answer commonly asked questions.


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