How to Prevent Fear from Paralyzing Your Marketing


The Kate Show | Episode 65

This episode is sponsored by Nancy Ganzekaufer, Business Coach for Creative Entrepreneurs.

Does marketing stress you out? Do you avoid it as much as possible or get distracted by how your colleagues are marketing their businesses? Do you worry that you aren't doing enough, that you aren't doing the right thing, or a combo of not doing enough of the right thing?

That mentality will drain the creativity out of anyone, and since your business is built on creativity, we have to nip this in the bud immediately. Marketing fear will make us spend too much money, commit to advertising contracts we don't need, expect the wrong results from otherwise successful tactics, and create disillusionment around all things marketing.

In today's episode of The Kate Show, I'm pulling back the curtain on what marketing fear is, how to know if you have it, and how to address the real root of your fear. (Spoiler alert: Your fear isn't really about marketing.) Subscribe to The Kate Show on iTunes or Google Play.

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Do You Have Marketing Paranoia Syndrome?

Let's find out:

  1. Do you feel bewildered or overwhelmed any time you think about marketing?

  2. Do you end up blindly following any and all advice given by a peer or leader without assessing what you will need to do before and after that advice to make it effective?

  3. Do you know your ideal client's hobbies, priorities, lifestyle, beliefs, etc? Knowing your target client is much more than just narrowing down an income level and geographic area.

  4. Do you lean toward paid advertising and little else to promote your business?

If you answer yes to any of these, you could be suffering from marketing paranoia. Let me put your mind at ease: You don't need to understand every aspect of marketing, but you do need to stop fearing it.

How to Overcome Your Marketing Fears

Fear is just a reaction to the unknown or an anticipation that something bad is about to happen. Fear isn't logical and can't be reasoned away. It can only be overcome by having a plan in place to conquer whatever that fear is.

Marketing fear can be diminished by doing the following:

  1. Define your ideal client in as much detail as possible

  2. Limit your marketing only to the places your ideal client is spending his/her time

  3. Create a guide or branded magazine that addresses their paint points or interests and offer it for free on your website, in exchange for their email address (this is a lead magnet)

  4. Stay in touch with these people every month via a helpful and succinct newsletter that explore more of what they value, as it pertains to your business and services

Marketing Paranoia Indicates a Deeper Fear

Do you feel incapable of success no matter how hard you work? Have you ever taken time to define what success looks like to you? Until you have a clear goal for yourself and your business, your marketing will feel scattered - even if you know who your ideal client is.

To help you out, I'm going to get personal and share how I define success:

While my definition may continue to evolve, the heart of it is time. Success means that I no longer trade hours for dollars. It means making a full time income on a part time schedule, making time a priority that I spend on people and experiences. It means making my life about more than reviewing a P&L sheet or answering hundreds of emails each week.

Because I've clearly defined my success, I know when I've reached it and can tell when I start to waver. I encourage you to get real with yourself: What does a successful business and life actually look like to you? Goals triumph over fears.


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